Red Terror

Vintage 1982

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It'll get you into more trouble than it can get you out of

If you come across a 30 year old Nissan Patrol you might write it off as a bomb past it's use by date. If you do you could be wrong. Although far from luxurious or built to last forever - the damn things just don't want to die. They'll get you there and back again - with most of the parts still attached.

This Patrol has the old L28 motor, coupled to an automatic transmission with a limited slip diff. Air condition is by Windows and Fuel Economy by "Jeeze, how **** much???".

The Highlights

This car is damned reliable. It just goes. Suprisingly on the open road the fuel consumption was very reasonable about 11 litres per 100ks. It actually is quite comfortable because of it's long wheel base (better than a Landcruiser).

The Lowlights

Carbon monoxide poisoning - mmm you look healthy - way too healthy. No air con making you flush pink a bit? How much fuel did it use going up Kangaroo Valley - you're kidding!!!